This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This webpage reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The aim of the project EUROPEAN CITIZENS DIALOGUES are:

  • Establishment of institutional and personal contacts between the attendees;
  • Development of intercultural communication channels;
  • Development of business and trade contacts.

European level expectations:

  • Increased awareness of the rights, values and opportunities provided by the EU membership;
  • Increased interest in participation in the decision-making processes of the EU;
  • Increased interest in active participation in the EU policies.

There will be project partners from four states: Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Serbia. The project has two stages. The first stage is aimed at the voluntary and broad participation of the citizens of the involved regions in the discussion on the following topics:

   The importance and impact of the EU policies on the everyday lives of citizens

The advantages given to me by the values, rights and opportunities created by the EU

How I can help develop the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

How the respective discretionary powers and ongoing European policies influence local situation and issues with an European aspect

Another part of the first stage comprises the generation of mutual project goals and presentation of partners’ regions. A social-network-enabled website will be set up to serve this purpose and it will include all of the partners’ presentations, as well as discussion boards for individual project topics.

The second stage will be realised via a personal meeting of 120 partner representatives in Peder and it will be aimed at establishing contacts and personal discussion on the topics and project ideas. There will be an exchange of project goals and the signing of a partner agreement between the village of Peder and  Nuşfalău (Syilágynagyfalu)  will also take place. By signing this partner agreement co-operation framework will be created to enable collaboration on cultural, social, economic and business level, which will be open to the rest of the project partners as well as to potential future partners.